Ultimate Kata

Kata and Bunkai have been the favorite components of my Karate training since the very beginning. My love of Kata is fanatic. Not only do I practice way more Kata than I should, I have learned and practice multiple versions of the same Kata. How's that for love?

To define; Kata are the prearranged routines of blocks, punches and kicks you see Karateka practicing at their dojo or at tournaments. Sadly, most schools just practice them for tournament competition and/or belt requirements. This is sad as neither one of these things are what Kata were originally intended for.

Bunkai is the analysis of the movements of Kata, sometimes incorrectly translated and taught as “application”. These “applications” are often shown as just one meaning for one movement. True Bunkai is discovering the unlimited possibilities that exist in an individual movement.

When you change the way you look at something, that thing changes.

Having spent the past thirty years working on Kata, investigating and discovering the meanings behind the movements, I now teach a seminar called, “Ultimate Kata.” In it, I show the “secret” and “hidden” techniques within the movements; the pressure point strikes, the limb breaking or dislocation techniques, the grappling techniques, throws, etc.

I also teach the “Ultimate Kata” during this seminar. It's simple enough to learn in a few hours and more than enough combat applications against practically any attack you can imagine.

Let me help you discover the secrets within your Kata. You'll never look at Kata the same way again! Contact me for seminar rates which depend on location, number of participants and length.

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