Kick Ass Party

Host a Kick Ass Party and learn some Kick Ass self-defense!

It isn't complicated and doesn't require intricate martial art movements that take years of training. These are movements you already know!

I created the Kick Ass Party years ago after seeing a story on CNN about "taser parties" and thought I should teach a similar thing but with my FMSD (Familiar Movement Self Defense) program. FMSD is a system I teach in a two hour session that is based on movements everyone knows. Know how to high-five? Then you know a block and a strike right there!

Because these are movements you already know, this is self-defense that you won't forget or get confused with when you need to use it. And it's taught in a fun party atmosphere with your friends! Also included in the session is a healthy dose of common sense advice, avoidance and awareness being the first thing everyone should learn about self-defense. The fee is $30 per person. If you host and supply the location of the party, your attendance is FREE!

KAP Party
KAP Party

Contact me today to arrange a party in the Denver area! kick_ass_party@bradley-ryan.com
or call: 720-593-1968
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